Above The Rest Photography

Professional Drone Aerial Photography and Video!

Above The Rest Photography is your one stop shop for all your photography needs! Using small drone aircraft, we are able to produce one of a kind aerial videos & photos that no other photographer has been able to create until now. We are able to capture video, still photo's, and edit it all into whatever our clients want.  See the world from above, it's truly Above The Rest!

How to get started!


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We cover most of the USA! So no matter where your site is we can get to you.

Please have this information ready:

  1. The sites address.

  2. Frequency in outings you'd like (ex: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). To qualify for our cheaper Progress Photography rates you must have at-least 3 outings planned within a 3 month time frame.

  3. The proposed start date.

Understanding Construction Progress Photography

Construction Progress Photography is a great way to keep an overall eye on the project. With the use of drones we are able to fly around safely and capture photos or video of the site from various angles and altitudes. We capture higher elevation shots which show off the entire property as well as lower elevation shots. The lower elevation shots are great for showing in more detail what exactly has changed on the site this outing compared to the previous outing.


What to expect!

(Check the examples below)

The initial outing we will record GPS waypoints from higher up elevations (200-400ft up) from around the perimeter of the site. We will take photos while recording the waypoints at the set locations. Then we will continue to take photos at the same waypoints each outing till the project is completed. This will show more of a time-lapsed look of how the overall project looks as time goes on.

(Check the examples below)

Each outing will also include photos taken from other various lower elevations and angles from all over the site. These lower elevation photos will highlight areas of interest on the site. 

A typical outing will deliver on average 25-100 photos. Photo quantity normally depends on the maturity of project at the time of outing, and the size of the project. We will typically deliver these files through a Dropbox link unless specified differently by the client.

Turn Around Time!

We typically have the files delivered to our clients either same day or the next business day.