Above The Rest Photography

Professional Drone Aerial Photography and Video!

Above The Rest Photography is your one stop shop for all your photography needs! Using small drone aircraft, we are able to produce one of a kind aerial videos & photos that no other photographer has been able to create until now. We are able to capture video, still photo's, and edit it all into whatever our clients want.  See the world from above, it's truly Above The Rest!

Photos for Business's & Events!

Are you a company that always wanted a different way to showcase your team, product, or event? If so checkout a few photos and videos for companies we have already worked for. Aerials are truly a unique and fun way to show off your business and highlight your event.

Technology Advice

Technology Advice

Spring Block Party Nashville, TN

Spring Block Party Nashville, TN

Brimstones White knuckle Event (Parmalee Concert)

White Knuckle Event Huntsville, TN

Prepping the Aircraft for dropping candy to the kids for Easter.

Our Octocopter dropping candy to the kids.

Sirius Decisions marketing after party.

Sirius Decisions marketing after party.

Durst Organization, New York

Durst Organization, New York

Custom videos for your Business or event!

If your a business owner there is no better way to market your business then getting a custom made video for it. Custom business videos allow you to post them wherever you want all over the internet and on your own website. This allows people to see what your business offers and gets them excited to earn your business. These videos are made using 4K UHD HD video cameras, Aerial Camera setups that fly around at any altitude from the ground to 400'. This will cover all the extra angles that your standard photographer/videographers cannot get. Then we edit it all into a video and add in all the info the business owner wants in it. Now the business owner has a one of a kind video for there business that they can put anywhere they please. Also it’s very cost effective when you consider other marketing approaches. The reason it is more cost effective is its a one time buy for a video you will have forever compared to spending money month after month to be put in a newspaper add, Billboard, TV for 15 seconds, etc.

Examples of some businesses that have had videos made for them.

All Video and editing was done by Above the rest photography.

Even Videos for cities have been made.

A few of our Clients:

  • Durst Organization

  • Marathon Motor works

  • Clarksville speedway

  • Technology Advice

  • Ebonite International

  • Lely resort

  • Marathon Music Works

  • Air Critical Care Medlink

  • Listo365

  • Bon Secour Township

  • Carpenter Technology Corporation

  • Martins Bar-B-Que Joint

  • Falls Grove

  • Brimstone events

For the best in professional UAV and RC aerial photography and video in Nashville TN call us today at 239-209-6623