Above The Rest Photography

Professional Drone Aerial Photography and Video!

Above The Rest Photography is your one stop shop for all your photography needs! Using small drone aircraft, we are able to produce one of a kind aerial videos & photos that no other photographer has been able to create until now. We are able to capture video, still photo's, and edit it all into whatever our clients want.  See the world from above, it's truly Above The Rest!

True Tours Home Videos!

There is no better way to showcase your home other than with a True Tours Home Video! True Tours videos offer clients the opportunity to be able to post their video on any websites of their choice. This provides potential buyers from anywhere in the world with 24/7 access to see your home and neighborhood for how it truly appears. Buyers that are planning on moving to the area will most likely not know what the different neighborhoods look like around you and how the house truly looks. A true tours video allows a possible buyer to click on the house they want to view and watch a short video of the entire house inside and out. Then, if the Buyer likes the house and wants to see it in person, they would be just going to the house and reassuring themselves, "Yes, this is the house for me!".

Residential Real estate aerial photographs.

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Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photographs.


*HD Video of your home that can be shared on websites and MLS. 

*Visually stunning photographs taken of the inside and outside of your home. Including FREE Aerial Photographs!

*More traffic to your home without physically coming through your home.

*Time saving! Most home buyers don't have time to waste! So the first house that sticks out to them and seems the best fit for them typically has a high probability of being "the one". True Tours Home Videos gives you the best tool to standout from the rest!

*Realtors won't have to waste time trying to show a possible buyer 10 homes by driving to each. Then, when they get there, the buyer realizes the house is nothing like they assumed because they couldn't see what the house or neighborhood truly looked like in the realtors photo's. True Tours Home videos allow realtors to post the videos straight on their website so that potential buyers can narrow down their home search. This happens by simply taking 3-5 minutes to look at each house video rather than wasting hours to drive to each house.

*Anyone in the world can see your home in detail, and contact you from the info that is displayed at the end of each video.


True Tours Land Videos

True Tours Videos are not only for homes but can also be made for anyone selling Land.

Lets face it if your standing in the middle of a wooded area and point your camera straight ahead how much land can you see? Not much right! So why are you relying on standard ground photographs to help sell your land? If I cant see whats in front of the 15 trees in the photo your using to sell your land, neither can a possible buyer.

Reasons for Using True Tour Land Videos:

  1. Standard ground Photographers cannot capture the true size of land because they are stuck on the ground. Lets face it if your standing in the middle of a wooded area and point your camera straight ahead how much land can you see? Not much right! so why are you relying on standard ground photographs to help sell your land?

  2. Getting photographs and video from above the tree line of your property lets possible buyers really understand the land that they are looking at.

  3. True tours videos allow possible buyers to view your property from a low altitude that standard helicopters cant fly.

  4. Possible buyers can view your property in depth 24/7 online from anywhere in the world without having to physically go and try and walk around the many acres of land you are trying to sell.

  5. True Tours video give you the best tool to help market your land. You get a 3-5 minute video showing your land with rough boundary lines marked out, Aerial video and photographs, and all your contact information listed at the end. So if somebody is interested in your land they know exactly who to call!

We do travel all over the U.S. to film homes and other various jobs. If you are in another state that is okay! A video can still be made for just you. If you are in another state, please feel free to call and we can easily work something out. 

Call us today for all of your Nashville real estate aerial photography and real estate aerial video needs at 239-209-6623