Above The Rest Photography

Professional Drone Aerial Photography and Video!

Above The Rest Photography is your one stop shop for all your photography needs! Using small drone aircraft, we are able to produce one of a kind aerial videos & photos that no other photographer has been able to create until now. We are able to capture video, still photo's, and edit it all into whatever our clients want.  See the world from above, it's truly Above The Rest!

Let us take your listings to a new level!

We offer a variety of photography and videography options that you can freely pick and choose from. We have various cameras, lenses, and drones that will meet or exceed the quality you are looking for.

All of our photography will be bracketed exposures shot in jpeg+raw, and come with some HDR (HDR=High Dynamic Range) photos as well. This gives you the best possible photos from different exposures to choose from.


With the use of our drones we can help show off your entire property in a single shot! We always take photos from various elevations, angles, and distances away from the property. These photos will eye catching as well as informational. If you only have the budget for one of the photography services we provide I always recommend Aerial over any other service. It is the best way to get shots from all around your property and it allows for unobstructed views. Ground exterior photography usually has cars in the way, people, trees, etc. Once we lift off the ground 20 or more feet you can instantly see way more than what you would with just ground photography.


Ground Exterior

The ground is the best way to get detailed shots from around the property. We can capture the look of the property from the what the client/customer would see. It’s also the best way to highlight signs, entrances, porches, drive-thru’s, etc.


Ground Interior

If your location needs interior photos we can easily take those for you. We have various wide angle lenses that provide zero distortion/fisheye. This allows each photo to look accurate and pleasing whilst still showing off as much in that room as possible. We also have other non wide angle lenses that we use to highlight the unique aspects and details from around the room.

A photos quality/resolution is measured in MP (MP=MegaPixels). The higher the number of MP the more detail and clarity the photo will have. Higher MP photos also allow you to zoom in further into the photo without them becoming pixelated. This also helps if you need to crop out a part of a photo. Once you zoom in and crop the remaining photo will not be pixelated if it was shot in a higher MP.

Below are samples of the various photo resolutions we can provide.

(click on photo to view in new window and compare resolutions)

12MP Powell Shopping Center.jpg
16MP WM Jackson Downs 3.jpg